NPL Servicing 2016

According to the ECB Draft guidance to banks on non-performing loans -September 2016 “an NPL strategy establishes strategic objectives for high NPL banks for the time-bound reduction of NPLs over realistic but sufficiently ambitious time-bound horizons (NPL reduction targets). It should lay out the bank’s approach and objectives regarding the effective management (i.e. maximisation of recoveries) and ultimate reduction of NPL stocks in a clear, credible and feasible manner for each relevant portfolio.

The assessment of the operating environment, trends and dynamics of the NPL market for portfolio sales is considered to be one of the core building blocks for the development and implementation of an NPL strategy. Specialised servicers can significantly reduce NPL maintenance and workout costs. However, such servicing agreements need to be well steered and well managed by the bank.

The Report Italian NPL Servicing is consistent with the ECB document recomandations and analyses the Italian primary market of Non Performing Asset Sales and Repackagings published in Italian Official Gazzette.

The report, updated by 130 FINANCE on a quarterly basis, summarizes in tables and graphs the NPL market key features
• by True sale type (first true sale, reopening, repackaging, revolving/warehousing or subsequent true sale)
• by Issue type (Public or Private)
• by Security type (secured or unsecured)
• by Corporate Servicer
• by Special Servicer
• by Seller

The Italian NPL servicing Report is available for download in the Research Page for Registered Users

Recent Deals

Asset Class Deal Name Originator Issuer Date
Covered Bond Carige - Eur 5,000,000,000 Covered Bond Programme 2012- Series 637 - 2016 Banca Carige Spa Banca Carige Spa 2016-12-29 

LRs INDIGO LEASE 2016 IFIS Leasing Spa INDIGO LEASE S.R.L. 2016-12-15 

Covered Bond Eur. 10,000,000,000 Covered Bond Programme - Series 22-2016 Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena Spa Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena Spa 2016-12-02 

CMBSs Valsabbina SPV 1 2016 Banca Valsabbina Scpa Valsabbina SPV 1 Srl 2016-12-01 

PLs/CCs Sunrise 2016 - 2 Agos Ducato S.p.A. Sunrise S.r.l. 2016-11-29 

2016 Asset Class Summary

Asset Class Deals # Last Update Amount % Total Amount
 NPLs 1 2016-00-00 0.18  150,500,000.00 

 RMBSs 7 2016-11-14 7.98  6,667,476,000.00 

 CMBSs 8 2016-12-01 9.22  7,706,904,796.96 

 LRs 7 2016-12-15 14.86  12,423,282,048.00 

 PLs/CCs 8 2016-11-29 16.33  13,648,753,969.00 

 Others 1 2016-01-29 0.00  3,000,000.00 

 Covered Bond 51 2016-12-29 51.44  43,000,000,000.00 

 Total 83 2016-12-29 100.00  83,599,916,813.96